Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

GoldfishThe Sun Ancon Chi Machine® is marketed throughout the world outside of Japan by Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd of Taiwan, and is based on the original device that was invented in Japan and launched in 1990. The manufacturers, Skylite Corporation, continued to make and sell this unit in Japan. More recently, they have introduced a newer model with a slower speed and other changes to the specification.

Hsin Ten made a contract with Skylite in 1993 allowing them to the sell the Sun Ancon outside of Japan, and gradually established subsidiaries throughout the Asia Pacific region and USA over the next 10 years or so. Hsin Ten sell their machine through a “Multi Level Marketing” (“MLM”) or “Network Marketing” system. MLM involves sales through individuals who are appointed as independent distributors, and the system pays commission on 5 levels (to 5 individual distributors) on each sale. This may be one reason why the SunAncon is priced much higher than other brands, though it also true to say that it is a better quality unit than some of the cheaper brands.
Sun Ancon Chi Machine® as sold in USA
Sun Ancon Chi Machine® as sold in Europe, Australia, etc
The Sun Ancon is shown in the picture on the left above in the form currently sold in USA. This slightly updated shape was introduced a few years ago while Australia and Europe have a different shape – as shown in the right hand picture - and of course a different voltage specification.

In practice, marketing of the Sun Ancon is the responsibility of individual distributors. As there are many hundreds of them throughout the world, the information made available to the public through their websites is of varying accuracy and often ambiguous and/or confusing. This is just one of the reasons we felt a website with clear information about chi exercise machines in general was needed.

The Sun Ancon has a 34 - 37 watt AC motor and a fixed speed of 145 beats (swings) per minute (“BPM”). Hsin Ten make a strongly argued case for the unique value of their design, and claim that the 145 BPM speed and other parameters of the Sun Ancon are essential for a chi machine to be effective and safe. Despite the absolute certainty with which Hsin Ten express this claim, no scientific data or trial results have ever been produced to show how this can be true, and in view of other evidence we have seen andour own experience, we are not convinced that it is a valid claim. We look at this issue in more detail on the pages entitled Is speed important? and Later Developments.

Note: Generic use of the term “chi machine” has become common throughout the West, but some confusion has arisen because the term The Chi Machine®, which is applied to the Sun Ancon® Chi Machine product marketed by Hsin Ten Enterprise outside of Japan, has been registered as a trade mark in USA, UK and some other countries. Technically this means that this term, The Chi Machine®, can only be legally used as a label for this specific product under the Sun Ancon® brand.

This website therefore uses the more general term “chi exercise machine” for the whole class of these products. To read more about the history of the original machine invented in Japan, on which the Sun Ancon® Chi Machine product is based, and about the different brands now available, go to Early History and Brand Comparisons.