Our Sponsors


Healthy Internet Marketing are selling a variety of chi machines on their site at www.chiexercisemachine.com. They have granted us a generous sponsorship as they believe that consumers deserve to know the full story of chi machines before making a purchase.

In turn they have encouraged us to provide information on some of the key products available on the market in our Brand Comparisons section. They provided us with the data on most of the brands featured, which are also available to buy on their site.

Healthy Internet Marketing also pay us a small commission on each sale that results from someone using the discount code from our website. This means that you are helping us with this project when you buy at www.chiexercisemachine.com – as well as enjoying the generous 15% commission offered by Healthy Internet Marketing.

In the interests of full disclosure, Cathy Watts and Kakuichi Kato, two of the six Directors of Beyond Stress Foundation, the operators of ChiMachineStory.org, are also shareholders of Healthy Internet Marketing LLC.


We welcome expressions of interest from other organizations who would like to become Sponsors. Please email us with an outline of your proposals here.