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Beyond Stress Foundation is a not-for-profit company established to act as an online publishing house for information on new and traditional approaches to healthcare from the viewpoint of reducing stress, and of facilitating balance and the natural healing capacity of the human body and consciousness.

We aim to gather and collate information on many aspects of the above subjects - and to provide a forum and clearing house that will generate a knowledge base which, over time, will act as a source of advice for professionals and members of the public.

Our websites aim to help people do their own research so as to better understand how to take care of their own health from the viewpoint of:

  • reducing stress
  • encouraging balance
  • facilitating the natural healing capacity of the human body and its innate intelligence and consciousness.

Beyond Stress Foundation is a UK-registered Company Limited by Guarantee - Registration No. 7121426. It has a not-for-profit constitution and any income surplus to costs is covenanted for use in research and/or donations to charitable causes whose objectives are in line with its principle objective of helping people to better cope with and reduce stress.


You can read more here about how we see stress working against us on several levels - and how this raises many challenges for 21st Century humans.

Directors' Profiles

Betty Dawkins specialises in Life Coaching, Counselling in Healthcare, and Stress Management.

Betty has been teaching Yoga as a tool for Managing Stress and Personal Integration for thirty two years. She is currently working as a freelance consultant with groups in her own private yoga club as well as private one-to-one sessions, exploring signs, symptoms, strategies and simple practical techniques for transforming physical, emotional and mental energy for the better.

As part of the Staff Development programme at Loughborough University, she conducts Relaxation and Meditation workshops.

As early as the 1980’s Betty was designing and running workshops on Stress Management for Colleges of Further Education and other organisations within the Public and Private sectors, qualifying as a Member of the International Stress Management Association toward the end of this period.

Her professional background prior to a major career change some thirty years ago was in commerce. She was P/A to the Company Secretary of a large Knitwear manufacturer in Leicester.

Her ongoing enthusiasm, combined with continual research and a natural skill for sharing with colleagues and students alike, keeps her passion alive for continued growth and evolution. She sums up her enthusiasm like this: “I am fascinated by the ability to transform energy for the betterment of health and well being on all levels of our lives, whether that’s physically, emotionally, mentally, or at even deeper levels, however they may be defined.”

Happily married, with two adult sons, two teenage granddaughters and one eighteen month old grandson, all of whose company she thoroughly enjoys, Betty lives on the outskirts of Leicester. While still very active in her professional roles, she makes time for a variety of other interests including the crafting of lots of hand knitted garments – especially for little people – cooking, gardening and going out to play.

Maggie Tisserand has been involved with aromatherapy since the early 1970s, and as a young mother studying all aspects of natural health, she utilised essential oils in bringing up her three children without recourse to antibiotics or other allopathic medicines: it was this practical knowledge that formed the basis of her first book ‘Aromatherapy for Women’. Maggie has written/co-authored four other books on aromatherapy and is currently involved with the publication of a sixth book, entitled ‘Aromatherapy vs. MRSA – antimicrobial essential oils to combat the superbug.’

Maggie was, in 1989, the first aromatherapy speaker in Japan, and has lectured in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Maggie’s product range has enjoyed success in all parts of Japan, selling through herb shops and department stores, and continues to sell today.

For the past six years Maggie has been working alongside university microbiologists to determine which essential oils worked most effectively against the superbug – MRSA, and with encouraging results Maggie went on to research and develop a unique combination of thyme oils known as Benchmark Thyme and is founder of Benchmark Oils, the trading company for the blend. Maggie can be contacted via the Benchmark Thyme website.

Pauline Cook studied creative photography at college and worked in commercial photography before taking a career break to bring up her 4 children. A career change led to qualifying as an accountant, initially working in local government.

Since 1998 she has been working as an Audit Manager within the Audit Commission which regulates finance in local authorities and the National Health Service throughout England.

As well as holding this responsible position in government finance, Pauline finds time for her grandchildren, two literary reading groups, gardening and yoga. She is now doing a yoga teacher training course under Paul Harvey at the Centre for Yoga Studies, Bristol.

Cathy Watts (BSc Hons in Integrative Counselling, MBACP Accredited) works in a professional capacity as a counsellor/psychotherapist and life/stress coach. She has a keen interest in stress prevention at a personal level, having learnt from her own life experiences. Committed to feeling inner contentment via a daily practise, she also finds relaxation and inspiration through playing music.

Some years ago, Cathy recovered from a stress disorder, brought on by challenges at work as a computer analyst/programmer, and a family tragedy. Following her own journey out of chronic stress, she had a change in career. Now working as a counsellor with a large Employee Assistance Provider, she specialises in helping clients with work related stress. In her private practice she works with individuals and groups on diverse issues arising from many different sources – offering face to face, telephone or internet-based therapy, or coaching, as appropriate.

For Cathy, when stress starts impacting on the enjoyment of life, something needs to change. She helps clients discover self-awareness around symptoms and causes of stress at every level: physical, emotional, mental and inner self. Working with inner and outer resources, she is able to guide the client to return to a state of natural equilibrium. Her approach is practical, holistic and incorporates the possibility for transformation at deeper levels.

Kato Kakuichi was born in Osaka, Japan and is one of just a few high-level English-Japanese interpreters specialising in the fields of national security, remote-sensing, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. As well as running a small interpreting & translation company in Japan, Mr Kato is also a geospatial analyst.

His interest in healthcare goes back to his college days when he was doing research at Kyoto University on the cause of eutrophication of Lake Biwa, a lake near Kyoto which is the largest in Japan. Following an early interest in macrobiotics, yoga and the Nishi-shiki system, he continues to take an active interest in physical and mental health from a broad-minded perspective.

Mr Kato lives with his wife in Abiko City, near Tokyo. In his spare time, he studies the relationship between climate change and the increased frequency of heavy rainfalls which are currently hitting localized areas to an unprecedented extent, and on methods of mitigating the damage caused by flooding in urban areas.

Martin Beer has a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering and has been working for over 30 years in the heavy engineering field, mainly in the Oil and Gas sector. As well as his engineering career he has had a long standing interest in natural medicine, and in the 1990s began studying Oriental therapies, qualifying in 1997 as an Amatsu practitioner, a Japanese treatment modality focused on correcting musculo-skeletal dysfunctions by using a holistic, integrated approach.

Amatsu is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese therapy that can be administered to most musculo-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. For more information on Amatsu see &/or or contact Martin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Married with homes in London and Hastings, Martin practices Amatsu part-time and is keen to help develop closer links between orthodox and complementary medicine. He feels that bold efforts need to be made towards greater and more open-minded collaboration between practitioners in different disciplines if we are to meet the increasing health challenges of modern society.


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